Watch Out World Here Comes A Toddler!

Someone asked, sick “Why do Toddlers push other children so much?” Adults sometimes need to be reminded what a toddler’s view of the world is, buy “If you are in my way, I will simply move you.” It is not that toddlers are mean and cruel just very egocentric. Toddlers are my favorite age group. They “Braille” the world. They move, touch, taste, everything. They have a view of the world that is truly unique to their stage of development. Toddler’s View • “The world is a very large place. I am small, so it can be overwhelming at times.” “I often think I am physically attached to people I care about” “Falling is common and its seems to bother adults more than me” “The changes in my mood are very sudden, often overwhelming to me. I don’t know how to calm down” “I don’t know what to do with all my energy. I hate having to sit still, when their is so much to do” Toddlers need adults in their life that support their view of the world. Consistent care giving with consistent routines help support the development of attachment. Attachment is the most crucial need for all children, especially toddlers.

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