Tips for reading with your child from Scholastic Book Clubs

As always, health FKS loves to share information with our parents. We like to be a part of making your parenting experience the best it can be. Reading with your child grows children in an unimaginable way. Here is some help from Scholastic Books about what to expect from each age group.

Reading together every day is the best way to help prepare your child for school success. Here are some suggestions for making reading a fun and enjoyable learning activity.
Babies (up to One Year)
• Babies like board books, ask especially ones with pictures of babies.
• Hold your baby in your lap while you read.
• Point at the pictures as you read—this is how babies learn.
• Toddlers like hearing a story every night at bedtime.
• Let your toddler select the book and hold it while you read.
• Talk about the pictures—this is how toddlers learn.
• Two-year-olds like alphabet and counting books.
• Let your two-year-old help turn the pages and fill in familiar words.
• Encourage pointing and talking about pictures—this is how two-year-olds learn.
Three- to Five-Year-Olds
• Preschoolers like rhymes and silly stories.
• Choose stories that relate to new experiences, like starting school.
• Let your child choose his or her books—this is how children learn to love reading.
Reprinted with permission of the Reach Out and Read®National Center.

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