Specialized Programming in Childcare settings.

Most childcare centers are known for just that, childcare. A place for children to play while parents are at work or school. As a mom of 5 I find that each child is so different. They have interests & talents that I can never seem to predict. What most impresses me while I watch other parents outside of childcare is that they give children the chance to try a little bit of everything. To touch the pulse of all different kinds of activities (not all at the same time) so that children can begin to make a distinction about what they enjoy & what they don’t! But how do we really do that, give them choices, during the constant state of frenzy that it seems like parents live in these days. We walk such a fence of trying to be a good, mom/dad, wife/husband, employee, daughter/son, friend, etc. What if these “Specialized Program choices” were offered at childcare so that night time was sacred? For Kid’s Sake offers a multitude of “extras” for children & families (Soccer, Fit Club, Sign Language, Spanish, Book Club, Technology, Kindermusik, & piano) but Im not sure that we know what ideas parents have for what they want their child to be given the chance to learn & explore at childcare besides our normal academic programing. What ideas do you have about things that we could offer at childcare to enrich your childcare experience?

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