Spanish Adventures in childcare at For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center

The best time to learn a foreign language is during the early years when a young mind is open to language acquisition. Speakers of two or more languages have better communication skills, read more books and have an easier time learning additional languages. Learning a foreign language at a young age supports development in other areas.

Our, “Let’s Speak Spanish” sessions at For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center offer children in Pinckney and Dexter, ages two and older the opportunity to build Spanish vocabulary and expressive abilities.

Removing Barriers of Communication
The Journey
Your child will enjoy many fun and challenging activities, including:

Learning Spanish words for colors, numbers, greetings, family members, anatomy, pets, clothes and farm animals
Hearing Spanish spoken fluently
Practicing Spanish by speaking with other children and the teacher
Learning through music, rhythm and movement, games, puzzles and picture cards
Discovering Spanish-speaking cultures through stories and books
With the, “Let’s Speak Spanish” program at For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center in Pinckney and Dexter, you’ll marvel at your child’s new skills and abilities!

Lessons Learned
The age-appropriate instruction of each session will build your child’s curiosity in enhancing his or her Spanish skills-a strength that can be applied to all future learning. In your daily note, teachers will provide a note regarding your child’s learning adventure.

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