Inclement Weather

For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center has great concern for the health and safety of the parents, staff and children as they travel to and from the center, particularly in winter. We are also concerned about the safety of staff and children while they are in the center. For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center will, therefore, have a delayed opening on days that the Pinckney Community Schools close for inclement weather or dangerous temperatures, or if there is a power outage or other “disaster” beyond our control. If Pinckney Community Schools are not in session or “virtual” then please check the FKS Facebook page for updates on closing and delays.

When the Pinckney Community Schools closed for inclement weather, For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center will not be open before 10:00 a.m. On Delayed Opening days, parents will not be called.

In addition, any For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center delayed opening status will be announced on local television channels 2,4& 7. Parents may also call the center for a recorded message confirmation.

When we have a delayed opening:

• Lunch will be served as usual.
• Children may come in their pajamas
• A special rated G movie will be available to watch.
• Parents will not be called by center teachers. It is the parents’ responsibility to listen for Pinckney Community Schools closings or to watch local television channels 2,4, or 7 to get information.
• Care for School Age children will also begin at 10am. School age children wishing to come to For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center on an inclement weather day for hours they are not normally in attendance must call the center after 10:00 a.m. to check for availability.
• Childcare will close at the regular closing time of 6pm. Parents are asked to pick up their children at their own regular pick-up time (many children are picked up before 5:45) since those staff who normally leave before 5:45 may still need to leave at their scheduled time to meet other commitments).
• Parents should still call the center if they are not planning to come at all to make space for children who may need to drop in.
• If the weather takes a turn for the worse, the centers may call parents to require an early pick-up.

Other Questions Answered:

My child is not feeling well, can you keep him inside today?

Children need to be well enough to participate in all facets of our program to come to the center. If your child has a chronic illness that is affected by being outdoors, bring specific written instructions from your doctor to discuss with the director.

I don’t want my child going out in this cold/wet weather because it will make her sick.

Weather doesn’t make children sick, germs do. There is actually a lower concentration of germs outdoors than inside! That said, severe weather can lower people’s immunity if they are not properly dressed.


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