Parenting and caring for a Child With ADHD: from For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center

Children with ADHD need consistent rules that they can understand and follow. ADHD kids should be rewarded for following these rules. People often criticize children with ADHD for their behavior — but it’s more helpful to seek out and praise them for good behavior. Parents and childcare providers should:
• Provide clear, consistent expectations, directions, and limits. Children with ADHD need to know exactly what others expect from them.
• Set up an effective discipline system. caregivers should learn discipline methods that reward appropriate behavior and respond to misbehavior with alternatives. Such as “time off” in an alone space or a loss of privileges.
• Create a behavior modification plan to change the most problematic behaviors. Behavior charts that track a child’s chores or responsibilities and that offer potential rewards for positive behaviors can be good tools. These charts, as well as other behavior mod techniques, will help parents and caregivers address problems in systematic and effective ways.
Children with ADHD may need help organizing. Therefore, parents & For Kid’s Sake caregivers encourage and plan for the child with ADHD to:
• Schedule. Your child should have the same routine every day, from wake-up to bedtime. The schedule should include homework and playtime.
• Organize needed everyday items. The child should have a place for everything and keep everything in its place, including clothing, backpacks, and school supplies.
• Use homework and notebook organizers. Stress the importance of having the child write down assignments and bring home needed books.

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