Parent/ Teacher Partnerships at For Kid’s Sake Dexter and For Kid’s Sake Pinckney

The day-to-day reality of many families is different today than generations ago. Family members spend far less time together and adults often face an on-going struggle to balance the demands of their families and their jobs. While these pressures can cause parents to participate less in their children’s lives, medical there remains a great need for them to be involved in their children’s education at school and childcare.
When families are involved at For Kid’s Sake-Dexter and For Kid’s Sake-Pinckney in their children’s education, drugs the children achieve higher levels of success, help have better attendance at school, and demonstrate more positive attitudes and behavior while at school or childcare. Reports also indicate that families who receive frequent and positive messages from childcare or teachers at For Kid’s Sake Dexter and For Kid’s Sake Pinckney tend to become more involved in their children’s education than do parents who do not receive this kind of communication. One way to foster children’s learning is through joint efforts involving both families, childcare and schools, where parents and teachers share responsibility for creating a working relationship that will help children succeed academically.

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