Music Adventures. Creativity Never Sounded So Good

Music Adventures
Music improves your child’s memory, cognitive development, learning skills and ability to express emotion. It also makes your child a better learner, teaches self-control, improves coordination, and inspires a lifelong appreciation of music and movement. Our exclusive Music Adventures™ program provides your child with a foundation that can be used for years to come.

Our Music Adventures program at For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center in Dexter and Pinckne ,was specifically designed to balance the academic curriculum of our centers, while reinforcing your child’s love of musical activities.

Creativity Never Sounded So Good
The Journey
Our research-based program demonstrates how positive experiences with music help children “tune in” to visual, auditory and physical stimuli, and focus attention. Your child will enjoy an array of fun musical activities through one of our two age-appropriate programs.

Your two- to four-year-old at For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center in Dexter and Pinckney will:

Make, listen, and learn about music in a multi-sensory experience
Learn early music concepts such as loud and quiet, high and low
Practice listening and attention skills
In Music Adventures, your four- to six-year-old will:

Be introduced to musicians and composers, songs and styles from a variety of genres, such as jazz, classical and folk
Experience music vocabulary, pre-music reading, and more complex musical concepts
Have fun, guided, ensemble-style opportunities for vocal exploration, movement and instrument play
Be introduced to piano keyboard skills
Lessons Learned
Music Adventures sessions stimulate your child’s brain, forming neural pathways in all domains of learning: cognitive, emotional, social and physical. Using our educational tools, games and activities, he or she will be able to explore music to its fullest. At For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center in Dexter and Pinckney, your child will receive a take-home Music Adventures kit containing a magazine, CD and instrument (every other month) to make music even more exciting. After each class, the teacher will provide a note about your child’s learning adventure.

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