FKS is proud to be the first business in Livingston County to participate in the MI Tri-Share Child Care Program.

We’re excited to be a part of a program aimed at making high-quality child care more affordable to our FKS families, while offering local businesses a great way to attract and retain employees.


With MI Tri-Share, FKS families pay 66% less for the cost of child care — significant savings and a welcome financial relief. Improve your work-life-family balance and cut your child care bill by two-thirds each month.

How Do You Save 66% OFF Your Monthly Child Care Bill?

Through MI Tri-Share, the cost of your child care is shared equally among your employer, you the the employee and the State of Michigan — a three-way split — with coordination being provided regionally by a MI Tri-Share facilitator hub. With MI Tri-Share, FKS parents can go to work (or now get back to work) knowing that your kids are safe, cared for and have the opportunity to succeed.

MI Tri-Share Child Care Employee Eligibility

Eligibility is based on the employee’s family size and household income. Total household monthly income must be in the range of 200-325% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Household Size Monthly Income
Two Person $3,287 – $5,341
Three Person $4,143 – $6,733
Four Person $5,000 – $8,125
Five Person $5,857 – $9,517
Six Person $6,713 – $10,909
Seven Person $7,570 – $12,301
Eight Person $8,427 – $13,693

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Please call 734-878-1200 or complete the MI-Tri-Share Program form below.

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