Kindergarten Readiness

FKS’s Kindergarten Readiness Program (KRP)

  • Are you concerned about your child’s ability to “hit the ground running” when he or she enters kindergarten?
  • Are you interested in what skills are important in Kindergarten?
  • Do you want to boost your child’s confidence by giving him or her the skills they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond?
  • Do you want your child to have fun learning from a teacher trained in preparing your child for kindergarten? If your answer is yes, then our Kindergarten Readiness Program is your solution!

Starting kindergarten is an exciting transition in a child’s life. It can be scary and stressful for both you and your child, especially if this is your child’s first experience in school. Research has shown that children enrolled in quality early childhood programs are better prepared with the skills and assets they need to succeed in school and later in life. For this reason, For Kid’s Sake has launched the Kindergarten Readiness Program (KRP). Your child is approaching an exciting milestone and the adventure of a lifetime! Our fun and challenging Pre-Kindergarten program is designed specifically to promote a  readiness for learning, assurance in social situations, and a mastery of many fine and gross motor skills, which will benefit your child when he or she moves into the school arena.  Our skilled and nurturing teachers will offer a variety of both independent and cooperative learning opportunities, as well as provide for generous outdoor playtime to ensure their future academic success.

Mastering Necessary Skills

Each child’s cognitive skills will be enriched through a variety of challenging math, science, social studies, and literacy activities that will take place within our program’s predictable, yet flexible daily schedule. Because school readiness means more than a basic knowledge of language, letters, and numbers, your child will participate in activities and lessons that will enrich all developmental areas: physical, cognitive, social, and emotional competence.

Enthusiastic and Confident Learner

Being an enthusiastic learner is one of the greatest predictors of academic success. Our KRP has been designed to specifically so that your child can investigate, explore, ask questions, and take initiative for learning about the world. Our warm and educationally focused classrooms will allow him to persist in hands-on math, science and social studies activities that interest him and arouse his natural curiosity. Your child’s self-confidence will soar as he or she is given ample opportunities to make decisions about what materials to use and when to use them. Our teachers will be there to guide, support and challenge them, answer his questions, and nurture each child’s love for learning.

Oral-Language Skill Development

Research has shown that future reading success is directly tied to a well developed oral-vocabulary. Throughout the year, we will provide a multitude of opportunities and activities designed to not only increase your child’s vocabulary and improve his listening skills, but also to present him with wide background knowledge about our world.  FKS teachers will engage each child in rich and interesting conversations all through the day and ask thoughtful questions that will stimulate his or her thinking.

Here is an outline of the areas covered within the KRP Curriculum:

Fine Motor Skills
1.  Puts a 10- to 12- piece puzzle together
2.  Holds scissors correctly and complete an intentional task
3.  Holds a pencil or crayon in a non-fisted grip
4.  Can trace lines and basic shapes
5.  Copies basic figures such as circle, square, and a straight line

Gross Motor Skills
1.   Runs, jumps and skips
2.   Walks backwards
3.   Walks up and down stairs with alternating feet
4.   Can hop while balanced on one foot
5.   Bounces a kickball
6.   Attempts a two-handed catch of a kickball

Social/Motor Skills
1.   Plays with other children
2.   Follows simple directions
3.   Expresses feelings and needs
4.   Attends to an adult directed task for at least 5 minutes
5.   Waits his/her turn and shares
6.   Recognizes, respects and responds to other peoples feelings
7.   Says “please” and “thank you”
8.   Can separate from parent/caregiver without excessive upset
9.   Can spend extended periods away from mom and dad
10.   Can identify 6 parts of his/her body
11.   Demonstrates curiosity and exploratory behavior
12.   Can work independently or initiate his/her own leisure time activity
13.   Attempts tasks knowing that it’s okay to make a mistake
14.   Complies with rules, limits, routines and interacts appropriately with adults

Spanish Skills
1.  Can recite days of the week
2.  Knows numbers 1-10
3.  Knows color names
4.  Can name 6 body parts
5.  Recognizes simple songs and phrases

Personal Information
1.   Knows his/her full name
2.   Knows how old he/she is
3.   Knows his/her address and telephone number
4.   Knows his/her mother and father’s first names

Self-Help Skills
1.  Can use the bathroom independently and complete accompanying hygiene tasks
2.  Able to dress self (puts on coat, fastens snaps, buttons and zippers)
3.  States full name, age, birthdate, and address
4.  Can use silverware properly
5.   Uses good habits (brushing teeth, cover mouth when coughing, washes hands)
6.   Follows simple safety rules

Math Skills
1.    Counts from 1-10 (note highest #)
2.    Recognizes/points to/identifies basic shapes (circle square, triangle, rectangle)
3.    Can sort items by one or more attributes (color, shape, size)
4.    Identifies, either verbally or by pointing to, the colors of crayons in the 8 count box
5.    Shows an understanding of the passing time, schedule

Language Skills
1.   Expresses needs and wants verbally
2.   Speaks in complete sentences (5-6 words)
3.   Is generally understood by adults
4.   Uses words, not physical action, to express emotions such as anger
5.   Understands and follows two-step directions
6.   Understands concept words such as up, down, in, out, behind, over
7.   Asks questions about things around him/her
8.   Can tell a story about past events with descriptive language
9.   Identifies similarities and differences
10.   Can recite or participate in a familiar song, finger play or rhyme

Literacy Awareness Skills
1.   Enjoys being read to/listening to stories, comments and makes predictions
2.   Recognizes environmental print (logos, signs and words)
3.   Knows how to handle a book (holds upright, know beginning and end)
4.   Recites the alphabet
5.   Identifies some letters and some sounds that they make
6.   Recognizes own name in print
7.   Able to discern whether or not two words rhyme and able to provide a third rhyming word
8.   Tries to write own name or other ideas by using symbols or letters
9.  Can draw a picture to express an idea

For Kids Sake Early Learning Center uses the most up to date research and guiding principles of Creative Curriculum/Teaching Strategies Gold to expose children to all of the most up to date theory’s of school readiness.

Your child must be entering kindergarten in the Fall of 2017 or be 4-5 years old at the time of enrollment. To learn more or to register, please email or give us a call at (734) 878-1200 or email us at


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