Germ Management at FKS

Here are some of the procedures that FKS regularly takes to keep our families healthy.
To start with, Bleach is our best friend (it’s cheap to use & it kills everything).  Diluted by water in a spray bottle, this solution is generously sprayed on all walls, food prep surfaces, cabinets, toys, tables, chairs, knobs, handles & switches every evening.   Baskets of plastic toys are even dipped in this solution & left to air dry to disinfect.  Bleach is also poured into mop water to mop floors nightly.
Another favorite is disinfectant spray (never sprayed with children present unless we have windows open & time to air out).  Disinfectant spray is used on everything from books, pillow, rest mats, walls, switches, handles, buttons, railings, cubbies, pens, telephones, computer key boards & carpets.  Again, done daily!
Disinfectant wipes!  These are used often for cleaning up spills, cleaning out the microwave, cleaning the refrigerator, wiping floors between moping, wiping any & all surfaces (not food surfaces).  We regularly go thru 3 containers per week (1 in the Infant/Toddler room & bathroom, 2 in the pre-school space).
Soap & Water!  Regular hand washing times at FKS are: any time they are in the bathroom, anytime they ask & a teacher can go with to supervise, before cooking projects, before eating snack & lunches, at tooth brushing time, after a juicy sneeze or after we notice that someone has been picking at a nose or touching their face.  The kids know that they need 1 pump of soap, lots of rubbing under the running water & 2 pulls of paper towel to dry.
Laundry.  Our rest bags are stored in large sized Ziplock bags in an additional effort to control the spread of germs.  Rest sheets & blankets are washed (with bleach added) weekly (about 7 loads of laundry to wash all).  Pillows & empty rest bags are also sprayed with disinfectant spray.   Infant & Toddler blankets, wash clothes, bibs, & towels are for single use only before being laundered.  Bedding is also washed weekly (2 more washer loads weekly).
Fresh air.  Depending on the day & our level of activity. Any time we can, we open doors during rest to let in the fresh air & let out the germs that may have decided to visit our space.
Hand sanitizer.  Children & teachers have access to hand sanitizing dispensers in every room.  Most often hand sanitizer is used after a child has had a hand in their mouth or has been seen touching their face, after using a tissue, after a cough in their hand or any time that they are moving from one space to another & a teacher is not able to take them to the bathroom.
Washing dishes.  Teachers wash dishes daily in warm soapy water & dip into a rinse solution with bleach to remove any remaining germs.  Dishes are then left to air dry as recommended by our Health Department rules.  Pacifiers & infant toddler toys are also regularly cleaned in this way.
School age friends are asked to wash their hand as soon as they arrive from school, even if they are not planning to eat snack.
Keeping our families healthy is one of our biggest concern.  We will continue to take all of our regular precautions to avoid the spread of germs in our childcare environment & will do our best to teach children precautionary habits.


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