Our Team

Julie Amy

Central Administrator, Director

That’s the most popular question that I hear from the kids at FKS. It’s important to them to know who is at the top of the hierarchy, but they are often taken by surprise by the answer. My answer to them…“No, I’m not the principal…I’m a teacher that has some other jobs to do too.” While I did create the policies, program descriptions, handbooks, and I did secure a space for us to work out of, I still see myself as one of the teachers.

FKS has a very talented staff that depend on each other’s strengths to make a well-rounded team. These professionals not only care for each child as an individual, but they can also explain our programs, share our philosophy of caring for the whole family, and welcome friends into ours safe and loving environment that we all work hard to make fun and educational.

Amanda Hall

Infant/Toddler Lead Teacher

Born in: Ann Arbor, Michigan, and raised in Dexter, Michigan

About my family: My husband Daniel and I live in Howell with our three children Isabel, Liam and Lennon and our two dogs, Oberon and Sophia.

What I like to do for fun: I enjoy gardening, cheering on my daughter’s softball team and taking long naps!

My favorite place to eat:

For a night on the town- One Under in Livonia For a family affair- RedBrick in Dexter For delicious snacking- The Cheese Lady in Farmington (YUM)

Education & Experience: I have been at For Kid’s Sake since 2005, working with every age group throughout the years, and discovered that my heart belongs to the infants and toddlers. My education has been primarily in Early Education.

How do you want children to remember me: I want children to remember me as someone who genuinely enjoyed our time together, who they trusted with all of their big or small emotions, and was always willing to make a mess for the sake of learning!

How do I want parents to remember me: I would like parents to remember me as someone who is approachable and gentle, someone who sees and appreciates all of the qualities that are unique and special about their little one, and is invested in offering their child a rich and fulfilling experience..

Isabel Cashin

Infant/Toddler Teacher

Isabel was born in Jackson, Michigan.  She was raised by her adoptive parents since the age of three.  She also gained a brother and sister. Isabel, along with her husband Dave and her daughter Heather, are Pinckney locals.  Isabel has been able to be found in the Infant/Toddler room at FKS since Jan of 2009.  Isabel had her first professional experience with children while working years for LESA (Livingston Educational Service Agency) in their Pinckney Head Start Program which just happened to be in the same building as FKS at one time.  Kids could be heard through the halls yelling, “”Hi Ms. Isabel.”.  Boy did we know that she was good then because the kids loved her so much.  Since January of 2009, our FKS kids have grown to love and depend on her. Isabel would like for parents to remember her for her kindness to the kids, honesty to parents, and for giving parents a reassured feeling that their kids are safe, loved, and happy in her care.

Lisa Ashba

Infant Teacher

Lisa Ashba lives in Pinckney. She is married to her husband, Mark, and they have 4 children (Jessica 32, Brianna 29, Ashlee 12, & Nathaniel 10). Lisa is a long time veteran of childcare working with Infants and Toddlers and their families for 24 years and at FKS since March 2011.  You might find it interesting that 3 years of her experience was spent with the teen moms program in the Oxford School System. In that program, she not only cared for children, but she also guided young and inexperienced mothers trying to finish school. If Lisa had to pick her favorite time of the day at FKS it would be cuddling with our youngest friends and visiting with their parents.

Taylor Feeman

Community Member at Large (FKS Alumni)

Born in: Ann Arbor, Michigan

About my family: I live in Linden, Michigan with my soon to be husband Garrett and our collection of critters. 1 PERECT dog, 8 chickens, 1 snake (ball python), and a 125 gallon fish tank with about 20 residents including a fresh water eel and a frog! I come from a big family with lots of brothers and sisters that I am thankful to have great relationships with. My family is blended but as a result i have had the opportunity to gain even more people in my circle and my family is twice as big and matches that with laughter, chaos, fun, love, and support. I am lucky enough to be inheriting a sister-in-law and another set of parents that treat me like one of their own. I look forward to seeing how my “family” will continue to evolve.

What I like to do for fun: For me, having fun comes from being with my people, friends and family alike. Anything from just hanging to spending a weekend exploring outside. I also enjoy photography and taking care of my critters.

My favorite place to eat: I love anything that involves eating food, but Panda Express is always a win. Or anywhere that has ice cream.

Education & Experience: I have been part of the FKS family since the very beginning, but I officially started working there in 2011. Since then I have continued training in child development. I have an Associates Degree (including some early childhood classes) from Lansing Community College and then started at EMU to pursue Biology (more specifically, Zoology). I decided to put that on hold for a summer to try my hand at dog grooming. I finished grooming school in 2017 and since then, whenever I am not at FKS I am working at a grooming shop in Hamburg.

How do you want children to remember me: I want the kids to remember me as someone was always excited to see them and happy to bring in my unusual pets for, “show and share”. I want them to remember me as a safe place for any feeling they were having.

How do I want parents to remember me: I want the parents to remember me as someone who was always willing to lend a hand and give that little bit extra when their little person needed it. I want to be remembered as someone they trusted and were happy to leave their baby with when they couldn’t be with them.

Jill Hegarty

Afternoon Pre-school Teacher

Jill is another welcomed addition the our FKS Family since March of 2019. Jill was born in Lincoln Park, MI, has been married for 31 years has a son and daughter that have both graduated from Pinckney. For fun, Jill enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with friends and family. Her favorite place to eat is Outback Steakhouse.

Educationally, Jill majored in Early Childhood Education and has worked locally for the last 30+ years with pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. Jill would like for children to remember her as loving, fun & comforting. And she would like parents to think of her as welcoming, knowledgeable, approachable & caring. Please feel free to say hello and welcome her to our FKS family.

Olivia Irwin

FKS Social Work consultant (FKS Alumni)

Born: Ann Arbor, Michigan

About my family: I live with my husband Chris and our fur baby Luna

What I like to do for fun: For fun, I like reading, traveling, exploring hiking trails wherever I go, cooking, crafting, and spending time with my family.

My favorite place to eat: My favorite places to eat are Gus’s and the Pinckney Diner

Education & Experience: Bachelor of Social Work with a Youth Services minor from Saginaw Valley State University, Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan. I’ve worked at FKS since 2016. I also work locally as a children’s therapist. In this position I also facilitate a Caregiver Education Workshop for parents of traumatized youth. In 2014 I went to the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project Primary School in Uganda to tutor and provide life skills education to their students.

How do you want children to remember me: I want children to remember me as someone they are comfortable with, a good listener, and someone that makes them laugh.

How do I want parents to remember me: I want parents to remember me as someone that they can trust and someone that understands the unique abilities and personalities of each child.

Heather Newberry

Four-Year-Old Preschool Teacher/Administrator

Heather’s familiar smiling face has been a friend of FKS since she was in elementary school. Now, as a mom of Camille & Bentley and a wife to Justin, Heather is considered specially connected and has worked with all of the age groups at FKS since 2016. Heather likes to spend time with her husband and kids. In their spare time, they travel to do as many family fun activities as possible. Her favorite place to eat is El Patron in Howell. While Heather is mostly trained with young children by being so closely connected to FKS, her mom is also an early childhood veteran & she is a combat trained mom of 2 young children of her own. Formally, Heather is also attending training so that in the near future she will receive a Child Development Associates Degree. When Heather thinks of how she would like for children to remember her, she says, “I want children to remember me as fun & trustworthy.” Where parents are concerned, she says, “I would like parents to recognize that I’m welcoming and will be sure to show their children love.”

Kenzie Christopher

Infant/Toddler Teacher Assistant

Kenzie began at FKS in January of 2021 and has been an important part of our Infant/Toddler Room ever since. She lives locally with her mom and dad, Scott & Carol. She has an older sister, Carlee, and an older brother, Jackson.  or fun, you will find Kenzie golfing or playing the piano. Her favorite restaurant is Olive Garden. Educationally, Kenzie is dual enrolled at Pinckney High School and Washtenaw Community College and hopes to be an Orthodontist someday. Kenzie would like for kids to remember her as someone who heard them and makes them smile. And she would like parents to remember her as someone that their kids looked forward to going to school to see and learn from.

Michelle Rutherford

Two-and-a-Half-Year-Old Preschool Teacher

Michelle Rutherford began working at FKS in 2022 and is excited to be included in our FKS preschool team! She was born in Livonia MI. She is happily married and shares 5 daughters with her husband. Their ages are 20,18,15,13 & 6. They have lived in Pinckney for 14 years.

For fun, Michelle likes to read, learn new things, go for walks and be with family & friends. Her favorite place to eat is Panera Bread!

Educationally, Michelle has center experience as an Assistant Teacher, Lead Teacher and a GSRP Small Group Teacher all the while taking classes toward earning a degree in child development.

Michelle would like children to remember her as someone who they could trust to be loving and fun!! She hopes parents will see her as kind, responsible, trustworthy & safe!

Melissa Steel

Infant/Toddler & Floating Teacher

Melissa was born in Garden City, Michigan, and has been a beloved member of FKS since early in 2022. Melissa is married with 2 sons, a stepdaughter, 2 dogs and 3 cats. For fun, Melissa enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies and floating on the lake in the summer. Her favorite place to eat is 2 Frogs in Howell. Educationally, Melissa participates in  ALL of the training that FKS provides.

Michelle Bucci

Infant/Toddler Teacher & IT Specialist

Michelle was born in Southfield, Michigan, and is glad to have joined our FKS team in September 2022 as an Infant/Toddler Teacher. Her family includes her parents, step-parents and a dog. For fun, Michelle says that she enjoys reading, dancing and trying new foods. Her favorite place to eat is El Nibble Nook in Livonia. “They have the best Mexican food and I have been going there since I was a child.”  Educationally, Michelle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. She has worked as a nanny and she enjoys taking care of kids. She would like for kids to remember her as someone fun that gives them great hugs. Michelle wants parents to remember her as someone who cared for and gave attention to their children while they were away from home.

Rachael Pultorak

ZANT Zone Summer Camp Program Director & Pre-school Floater

Rachael began her time at FKS in December of 2022 as a preschool floater and a ZANT Zone Summer Camp Program Coordinator.  Rachael was born in Detroit, Michigan, and has a husband, mom, dad and one brother. For fun, Rachael enjoys fitness and healthy living through gardening and cooking. She loves all water sports! Her favorite places to eat are Raising Canes in East Lansing and Two Fogs in Howell. Educationally, Rachael has a bachelor’s degree in recreation, sports management from Western State University in Missouri. Rachael would like for kids to remember her as being a fun, high-energy teacher. She hopes to be known for carrying on FKS traditions through programming. Where parents are concerned, Rachael hopes that all FKS parents are hearing exciting stories from their kids about her creating lasting memories with them.

Erica Pankow

Toddler Teacher

Erica Came to FKS in December of 2022 and is enjoying her time in the infant/toddler room. Erica was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is the youngest of 3 siblings. She has an older brother and sister and her mom is a kindergarten teacher at Pinckney Community Schools. For fun, Erica likes to travel and coach field hockey at Pinckney High School. Her favorite place to eat is Chick-Fil-A. Educationally, Erica has an associate’s degree in healthcare preparation. Erica would like for kids to remember her as a loving and caring role model. She would like parents to recognize in her that she is committed to helping their child to grow and learn.

Michell Colvia

Pre-School Teacher and Registered Nurse

Michelle Colvia is our Registered Nurse on staff. Michelle and her husband Pat are local Pinckney residents who first found For Kid’s Sake for the care of their 2 daughters, Abby and Emily. As things turn out, Michelle has been a teacher at FKS since 2009 and has happily worked with EVERY age group!

Hailey Prenger

Two-Year-Old Teacher Assistant

Hailey began working at FKS in February of 2023 as an Assistant Teacher. Her 4 siblings live at home with her and their mom and dad. Hailey’s brothers are five, five and seven years old and her sister is two. For fun, Hailey participates in pom-pom and likes to hang out with her siblings. Her favorite place to eat is Buffalo Wild Wings. Educationally, Hailey attends Howell High School and tutors other students. Hailey is accumulating childcare training hours and college credits (CEU’s) from her training here at FKS. Hailey would like for children to remember her as a teacher that was not only fun, but someone who made a significant impact on their life. She aspires to teach them lessons and love them no matter what. She would like parents to remember her as the teacher who taught, loved, guided in life lessons and maybe even helped their child through a hard time.

Josie Hoisington

Curriculum & Classroom Management Specialist

Josie began working in the Preschool Program at For Kid’s Sake in June of 2006. Her role over the years has spanned every age group which makes her uniquely qualified for her current position as Curriculum and Classroom Management Specialist. She’s married to her husband Joe and they have four children. Josie’s pride and joy are her three grandchildren, Dylan who is seven and twenty-one months old grand twins, Mateo and Mayzi. For fun, Josie loves traveling with her siblings, golfing, visiting the ocean, swimming, working in her flower beds and taking walks with Joe. Her favorite place to eat is Olive Garden or Black Rock. Educationally, Josie has poured hours into Early Childhood Education over her nine years of owning her own home childcare and her many years at FKS. Josie would like children to remember her as someone who made them laugh and feel completely and unconditionally accepted. She hopes that one day parents will hear all about the things and stories that she shared with the children. Josie wants parents to understand that caring for their children is a priority to her and she strives to help make their children kind, helpful and loving individuals.


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