Development Milestones at FKS

A developmental milestone is an ability that is achieved by most children by a certain age. Developmental milestones can involve physical, social, emotional, cognitive and communication skills such as walking, sharing with others, expressing emotions, recognizing familiar sounds and talking.

Children grow and develop at different rates. While their pathways through childhood and school differ, most pass a set of predictable milestones along the way. The information presented here offers a map that can help you follow your child’s journey. In reality, these areas overlap, as development in one area is reinforced and enhanced by growth in others. The milestones suggested for each area offer examples of the developmental leaps that young children make. These are not complete lists.As you follow this map, keep in mind that each child develops differently and that an individual child may develop more quickly in one area than in another.

Infants – 6 Months

Infants 6 Months – 12 Months

Young Toddlers 12-18 Months

Toddlers 18-24 Months

Preschoolers 2-3 Years

Preschoolers 3-4 Years

Pre-K – Kindergarten 4-5 Years


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