Curious About Your Child’s Developmental Milestones?

Your baby learns to talk during his first two years of life. Long before he utters his first word, he’s learning the rules of language and how adults use it to communicate.
He’ll begin by using his tongue, lips, palate, and any emerging teeth to make sounds (cries at first, then “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” in the first month or two, and babbling shortly thereafter). Soon those sounds will become real words – “mama” and “dada” may slip out and bring tears to your eyes as early as 6 months.
From then on, your baby will pick up more words from you and everyone else around him. And sometime between 18 months and 2 years, he or she will begin to form two- to four-word sentences. As your baby makes mental, emotional, and behavioral leaps, he’s increasingly able to use words to describe what he sees, hears, feels, thinks, and wants.
Are you curious about what else you should be expecting from my childs development?   Check out your childs age group to check off what he/she has mastered and what exciting Developmental Milestones are yet to come!!!
Every parent looks forward to their baby’s first smile, first words, and first steps.  But what happens when a child is behind in reaching those milestones? If you are worried that your child “seems behind” compared to other children of the same age, it might be time to contact Early On
 Sometimes families start by asking a doctor, nurse, or a child care provider for an opinion.   
 Having a developmental delay means it takes a child a little longer to learn basic skills. It may be in any of the following areas:
  • Self-help skills (feeding and dressing)
  • Cognitive skills (thinking, learning, and reasoning abilities)
  • Communication skills (talking, listening, understanding)
  • Physical development (vision, hearing, movement, health)
  • Social-emotional development (feelings, getting along with others, relationships)


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