Creating a Bucket Filling Childcare Classroom at For Kid’s Sake in Pinckney

Any time is a great time to create a bucketfilling
classroom. However, prostate there is no better time than at the
beginning of a school year.
Here are ten simple ideas for creating a classroom filled
with bucket fillers, any time of the year:
1. Read and discuss the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
2. Place a sign over your classroom door that reads: Welcome Bucket Fillers! You can also post a second
sign: Be a Bucket Filler. Don’t Dip. Use Your Lid.
3. Have a lively discussion in which you and your students list ways that you can fill each other’s buckets in
class, i.e. paying attention, helping, working together, etc. Once you’ve finalized these ideas, write them
on paper to post. You could also create a separate list of ways you and your students might dip into each
other’s buckets in class, i.e., interrupting, not completing assignments, cheating, etc..
4. Display the Bucket Filler’s Pledge and recite it daily or weekly: I promise to do my best to be a bucket
filler every day, at home, at school, and everywhere I go.
5. Remind your students as they leave each day: “Remember to fill a bucket today.”
6. Purchase small buckets for each child and other special people related to your class or school. Display
these on a classroom shelf or wall. Add names. Make “Bucket Filler Notes” that your students can use to
fill one another’s buckets. Remind and monitor, as needed, to be sure that each bucket is filled.
7. Be alert to recognize bucket filling in action. Consider naming a “ for
outstanding bucket filling. If possible, allow your students to participate in the selection process.
Consider a grand prize for the “Bucket Filler of the Year”.
8. Make it a priority to give positive attention to the children who have the emptiest buckets. Challenge
yourself to sincerely fill these buckets each day with words of encouragement, kindness, or praise.
9. At the end of each week, call one parent whose child has made significant progress. Praise their child’s
improvement, sharing specific details that will fill the parents’ buckets.
10. After you’ve learned more about your new students and they know more about you, walk around the
room and then stand or kneel in front of each child, one at a time, and give two or three sincere, specific,
behavior-related reasons why they are special to you. You may find that you will shed a few tears of
happiness. And that’s OK. It just means that you are speaking from your heart.
Bucketfilling classrooms led by bucketfilling teachers create a wonderful learning environment for our
children. I hope these tools will help you make your great classroom even better.
Carol McCloud, The Bucket Lady

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