About FKS Pinckney

For Kid’s Sake Early Learning Center in Pinckney is conveniently located at 10300 Dexter-Pinckney Road across from Pinckney High School.

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Mission Statement
Every child deserves the chance to participate, learn & grow in a high quality, loving & exciting environment that supports faith, family & community.
FKS believes in a play based learning environment and uses Creative Curriculum principles to support our efforts.  Learning in our space and using these resources encourages both child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. The role of a teacher is to provide developmentally appropriate programming for each age group, to nurture social/emotional development, to coach during conflict resolution and to give encouragement in self help/independent efforts. The follow-up to this is to assess childrens’ growth while supporting, educating and communicating as a team with parents. A teacher also ensures that the children’s learning environment is clean, safe and stimulating.

How Long Our Staff has Been at FKS:

10 years or more at FKS!
  • Miss Amanda, 15 years
  • Miss Julie, 15 years
  • Miss Isabel, 11 years
  • Miss Michelle, 10 years
5 years or more at FKS!
  • Miss Lisa, 9 years
  • Miss Taylor, 9 years
  • Mr Zach, 9 years
  • Miss Nichole, 5 years
  • Miss Micki, 5 years

FKS has Trusted Messengers for the, “Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing” Community Campaign.

  • Julie Picano
  • Nichole Warren
  • Amanda Hall
  • Michelle Colvia
  • Emily Colvia
  • Taylor Feeman
  • Amanda Rinesmith
  • Josie Hoisington
  • Lisa Ashba

Extra-Curricular Activities at FKS!

  • Kids’ Yoga
  • Soccer Shots
  • Kindermusik
  • Parents’ Night Out
  • Field trip, Outings & Extras!
  • Visit from the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra
  • Mystery Readers
  • School Pets & visiting pets
  • Bike Days
  • Kensington Water Park
  • Howell Nature Center
  • Spicers Orchard
  • Pinckney High School Homecoming Parade
  • Ice Cream Man visits
  • Dentist visit, Pinckney Family Dentistry
  • Theme Lunches & Thanksgiving Feast
  • Gingerbread House building
  • Fire Truck visit
  • Cookie/Book Exchanges
  • Mother Goose visit
  • Visit from the Principle, Farley Hill & St Mary
  • Story time with Miss Sara, Pinckney Community Library
  • Collecting Garbage at the Downtown Playground for, Earth Day
  • FKS Kids Summer Flower & Veggie garden

Community Partnerships & Family Events:

  • Picnic at the Park Spring & Fall
  • Safety Camp with Putnam Fire Department
  • FKS Annual Camping Adventure at Bishop Lake
  • Farley Hill Elementary School-visit to kindergarten
  • St Mary Catholic School-visit to kindergarten
  • “Dinner is Served” at the Community Congregational Church
  • FKS Dinner Network
  • Guest Speaker: Sally Burton Hoyle.  Parent round table.  Behavior is Communication
  • Picture Day in the Fall & Spring
  • Food Pantry Food Drive
  • Toys for Tots Toy Donations
  • Sponsor of: Kensington Woods High School, Day of Service
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Family Play Day at the Chelsea Treehouse
  • Sweetheart bag Breakfast for parents
  • ZANT Zone Summer Camp Lemonade Stand Fundraiser
  • ZANT Zone Summer Camp Bake Sale Fundraiser
  • Talking is Teaching, Trusted Messenger Training & Early Literacy Campaign

Innovations at FKS:

  • Electronic online payments

Health & Wellness at FKS:

  • Baked snacks that are homemade
  • Fruit/Vegetable served with each snack
  • Bowl of fresh fruit offered all summer at ZANT Zone Summer Camp


10300 Dexter Pinckney Rd PO Box 952 Pinckney, Michigan
+1 734-878-1200

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