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Are you an Early Childhood professional (or know one) that is looking for a new place to touch the hearts of children and positively impact our community? For Kid's Sake Early Learning Center is looking for an INFANT/TODDLER TEACHER and a PRESCHOOL TEACHER to add to our team.

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FKS Providing Safer, Organic Products for Our Kids!

Continuing our efforts toward providing safer products for our kids.  For Kids Sake will now be providing organic Toothpaste & Sunscreen!

Jack N' Jill Toothpaste
Parents will be charged an additional $1 each time that their child's tooth brush is replaced ($1 for the tooth brush, $1 for the toothpaste every 3 months). 
Badger Sunscreen

Parents will no longer be asked to provide a bottle of sunscreen for the season. Instead, parent accounts will be billed $20 per child, per year, to cover the cost for the season.





FKS Alum: Abby Colvia emily1abby 2
Grade: 5th 
Age: 10
School: Navigator Upper Elementary School
What is your favorite school subject? Math
What are your favorite extracurricular activities? Soccer and playing with Ana Delahaye
Where was your favorite field trip destination? Hartland Pool
What was your favorite part of the day at ZANT Zone Summer Camp? Lunch time 
Who was your favorite teacher? Zach
What does Zach remember most about Abby? Abby was the only one that made me run when we played soccer!
My friends would remember what?  My creativity
My teachers would remember what?  My attitude


FKS Alum: Emily Colvia  emily2abbey2
Grade: 8th 
Age: 13
School: Pathfinder Middle School 

What is your favorite school subject? Science
What are your favorite extracurricular activities? Dance 
Where was your favorite field trip destination? Bounce
What was your favorite part of the day at ZANT Zone Summer Camp? Snack 
Who was your favorite teacher? Amber Schilling
What does Amber remember most about Emily? It's hard to think of just one! I would say my favorite overall memory of Emily is how she made everyone laugh on all of the field trips we would take. Emily, Stephanie and Allie were great entertainment for the bus rides. The blueberry picking field trip when they bombarded me with blueberries always sticks out as one of the funniest times too.

Who did you play with the most?  Allie Claffrey
My friends would remember what?  My creative weirdness
My teachers would remember what?  My attitude 


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Looking for child care is such a different experience than finding a local plumber or lawn service.  These are our children we're talking about here, one of the most important decisions we will make when going off to work, school or just looking for enrichment for our kids.  

Often times, new families looking for childcare in the area wonder, "What do their current customers think?  How do other parents feel about the job they do caring for children?"

It would be the most flattering compliment if you would write a review for us on one ore more of the sites listed below about your experience at FKS.  


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For Kid's Sake to Serve Families in Two Locations! For Kid's Sake will open a second child care center in Dexter on November 15th. We will offer the same great services as we do at our Pinckney location, including infant/toddler care and pre-school programs. Click here to learn more…


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